Why, hello there!

Nice to meet you! I'm Alpha, what's your name?

          Just so you know, I'm not that awesome. Well, my name isn't really Alpha Delta, which would be pretty gnarly. I'm Alyssa Duvall (awesome nonetheless) and I live in Upstate New York with my husband Jake and our six-month old creature, Wesley.
Shiny happy family!
          I suppose I decided to start this blog because, not only was I inspired by other blog-mama trailblazers, I thought I'd like to add my input to that vast whirlpool of zeros and ones. Even if I don't come by fortune, fame, or followers through this venture, I'll have something for my child(ren) to one day pore over when someone asks them if their mom was always this weird. They'll know for sure that their mom was nuts, but knowledgeable. Not that my spare time is very bountiful (or even existent) but I'd like to be able to share my own blend of not-so-usual momblog topics which may include:
  • natural parenting (cloth diapering, breastfeeding, vaccinations, making baby food, homemade everything, homeschooling, etc.) and why it's just fantastic
  • my (also crazy) baby and the goofy things he does, as well as some pictures, tips on babyish things, as well as questions for you! I don't know everything (gasp!) about raising kids and I'll occasionally get so desperate as to cast my message in a bottle to the big blue blog and, if you have any experience with wittle beebees, maybe you'll have the answer!
  • Someday, I'll teach you how to make the best-ever Greek Yogurt!
  • healthy (and/or delicious) home cooking with some of my favorite recipes, as well as fun foods you may not have considered making from scratch
  • gardening - not likely to be covered much until seed-starting time, but still an important part of my life, and it's something anyone can do! Even you!
  • frugal living - as a homekeeper (Titus 2:5), it is my daily charge to run my home efficiently and to be a good steward of our God-given resources. This includes not blowing my husband's paychecks on pretty shinies and designer clothes for our baby. I come from a hoarding and financially wasteful background, so this is a daily battle for me on which I'll try to keep you bloggie folk updated!
  • preparedness, survival, and bushcrafting - whoa, where'd that come from?! see, I told you I was nuts. Now, I'm not about to stand on the street corner wearing a sandwich sign emblazoned with Revelations references, but I do very strongly believe that in these last days we are called to be sober and vigilant. I believe we should be spiritually prepared for the coming of the Lord as a thief in the night, and also physically and mentally prepared for the coming of any old pick-pockety thief in the night. Take it from the Boy Scouts, be prepared!
  • politics and social issues - again with the stuff no one wants to hear! Pardon me, you can feel free to ignore these posts if we disagree on anything. They won't get lonely. I know that there are (literally) millions of people who share my bemusement and disgust with the way our country (and global government) is being run (from behind the curtain, I'll add) and I know that a good chunk of them also happen to be moms! You will not find (nor would I tolerate) any racist views, advocacy of errant violence, or any of the really crazy stuff. Honest.
  • faith, holiness, eschatology, creation, other matters of Christianity and Bible study - as my faith is alive and thriving and my relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ continues to deepen, my Bible study and recording thereof will be directly proportionate. Again, if our doctrinal views differ or if I get to be too preachy or you think I'm "closed-minded" (with which I have no problem), feel free to ignore the post in question (or the whole blog if you wanna be like that :p)
          Since, after all, this is the Internet, I feel the need to say from the outset that I won't tolerate anything less than constructive, positive (or at least intelligent) discussion here. Don't waste your time, be nice! I find it taxing myself to withhold some things I'd like to say to the people when they do the strangest things in public, but I don't pull over and scream out the window at them. It's just courtesy.
          So, if any of the above sound like your kind'a of readin' material (we can share a cell!), stick around and I'll do my best to be faithful to this blog! At the moment I'm typing with Wesley on my lap and it's hard to focus on anything (I forgot to breathe) with this Leap Frog guy singing the Alphabet Song. Oh boy, what have I gotten myself into?

                                                                   So very truly yours,
                                                                           Alpha Delta

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